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Terms & Conditions

F G Cars T&Cs

We pride ourselves on customer transparency, on this page we – FG Cars Ltd – set out the terms that govern the use of this website and services provided. By accessing this website you are deemed to have accepted the latest version of these terms.

If you are unwilling to accept these terms (which are non-negotiable) please do not use this website.

We may change the terms that govern the use of this website at any time without notice by updating this webpage. It is your responsibility to check this webpage if you want to see the latest version of these terms.

F G Cars Ltd is the company that administers this Agreement. This is a private company limted by shares and incorporated in England.

1. This agreement will pay for the replacement of mechanical items which have actually broken, or in the event of an electrical component by complete failure. This agreement does not cover wear and tear, normal deterioration or acts of negligence or driver abuse which render the components inoperative. This agreement does not cover items which have come to the end of their natural lives. Any part that has not failed but is recommended by the manufacturer as good working practice to replace or maintain.

2. This agreement will pay for parts, labour and VAT as long as the part/parts are covered under this agreement and not on the exclusions list.

3. You will be covered by this agreement once the agreement has been read by the purchaser, signed, dated and accepted by F G Cars Ltd.

4. LEGAL JURISDICTION: This agreement will be governed by the law of England and Wales unless the agreement was enacted in Scotland, in which case the law of Scotland applies.

5. This agreement does not cover vehicles used for any form of hire or reward including courier work. Commercial vehicles are covered on acceptance by F G Cars Ltd.

6. This agreement does not cover any form of accident howsoever caused. This would be covered by your road risk insurance policy.

7. This agreement does not cover vehicles that have been modified from the manufacturer’s original design.

8. No part of this agreement may be altered without the written consent of F G Cars Ltd.

9. In the event of a malfunction occurring, you should stop and obtain advice as appropriate to ensure that you do not incur extra damage which is not covered by this agreement. We can only accept repairs reported with the term of this agreement.

10. This agreement does not offer any reimbursement for any repairs that have not gone through F G Cars Ltd.

11. This agreement will come to an end if any attempt is made to commit fraud.

12. If the vehicle is sold or disposed of this agreement will come to an end.

13. In the event of you wishing to receive service under this agreement, we reserve the following rights:

(a) F G Cars are the appointed repairer of the vehicle

(b) To have the vehicle examined by F G Cars Ltd only (unless
agreed in writing beforehand)

14. In the event of liability being accepted, we reserve the right to charge an amount taking into consideration wear and tear according to the vehicles age and mileage.

15. This agreement will only pay for one repair on any part listed (i.e. we do not pay twice for the same listed part). There is no limit to the number of repairs. (a) The right is reserved to use reconditioned parts or exchange parts. (b) Repairs times will be assessed using the Autodata Repair Time Manual (diagnosis time is specifically excluded).

16. This agreement does not cover fire, collision, frost, snow, ice, flooding, storm, freezing, corrosion, fabric and stitching, wear and tear, burnt valves, fluids leak, water ingress, carbon build up, brake and clutch friction material or faulty workmanship of any description.

17. This agreement does not cover component failure due to lack of lubrication, failure to check other fluid levels and adjusting where necessary or ignoring any warning signals, gauges or lights. Any damaged
caused by a failure to replace the camshaft timing belt in accordance to the manufactures recommendations.

18. This agreement does not cover off road use.

19. This agreement does not cover exhaust emission MOT failures.

20. This agreement does not cover the incorrect grade/use of fuel.

21. This agreement does not cover bodily injury/death, accidental damage or any other damage howsoever caused.

22. This agreement does not cover inherent faults of any description.

23. You are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle is maintained in accordance with the manufactures recommendations. After servicing becomes due, you have a maximum of 500 miles/21 days (whichever is sooner) to have the service completed. If you exceed this, the agreement will come to an end and no repair will be given. All relevant vehicle service invoices must be retained as they will be required in the event of you making a claim under this agreement.

24. This agreement does not cover consequential damage howsoever caused.

25. This agreement does not cover any consequential losses or third-party claims, bodily injury, road hazard, fire damage or any losses howsoever caused.

26. This agreement does not cover:

(a) Parts being subject to a recall by the manufacturer.

(b) The failure of a part which is under any manufacturers warranty or suppliers warranty.

27. This agreement is in addition to any Legal rights that might apply.

28. Failure to comply with any of the above will invalidate the agreement
with immediate effect.

29. F G Cars Ltd reserve the right to charge a £249.00 administration fee if the consumer decides to withdraw from any agreement with F G Cars Ltd. This administration fee is to cover the cost of re-advertising, document fee and a payment processing fee.

Company Information

FG Cars, Clarence Street, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 1DY

Registered in England & Wales (No. 08531273)

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA No. 667103)

Treating Customers Fairly

At FG Cars, we believe in Treating Customers Fairly. All our employee’s abide by the guidelines listed below:

Customers are provided with clear information and are kept appropriately informed before, during and after the point of sale.

Where customers receive advice, the advice is suitable and takes account of their circumstances.

Customers are provided with products that perform as FG Cars have led them to expect and the associated service is both of an acceptable standard and as they have been led to expect.

Customers do not face unreasonable post sale barriers imposed by firms to change product, submit a claim or make a complaint.

Website Accessibility

While we endeavour to ensure the continuous accessibility and reliability of this website we cannot guarantee this. Similarly we cannot guarantee that it will always be free of programming errors or viruses although we use our best efforts to ensure that it is.

We reserve the right to deny or restrict access to this website to any one who we believe is or may be:

(1) engaged in any unlawful, malicious or offensive conduct; or

(2) otherwise contravening these terms.

We may suspend or terminate access to this website at any time without notice.

You may not use this website for any unlawful or malicious purpose or in any manner which may cause offence to other website users.


The “dealership” or “dealer”, FG Cars Ltd, is the body who is the vendor of the goods to the customer.

The “customer” or “purchaser”,  is the person contracting for goods and services to be supplied by the dealer.

“Goods” means all vehicles as defined, or other things to be sold by the Dealer to the Customer.

“Vehicle” includes any car, lorry, van, trailer, caravan, invalid carriage, motor cycle and generally each and every accessory to and component thereof.


Some of the product images contained on this website may relate to vehicles with different specifications to those that are available at the dealership.

Please ask a member of the FG Cars teams to confirm the availability and specification of any vehicle that you are interested in if you have any questions in this regard.

The provision of information on this website does not constitute an offer by us to sell or supply such products or services to you directly through this website.

While we take care to ensure the information presented on this website is accurate and up to date, you should be aware that it may include errors or omissions.

You should not therefore rely exclusively on this information when making any associated purchase decision. Instead you should consult a member of the FG Cars team.

From time to time this website may contain links to and from other websites. Unless we own such websites we accept no responsibility for such websites. Please see our Privacy Policy in this regard.

We shall not be liable for any loss or damage that is alleged to be associated with the use of this website or any website accessed from this site including, but not limited to, any economic, consequential, indirect or special loss.

Our Sales Commitment

All vehicles featured in our warranty, pricing and marketing publications will be advertised honestly.

The most up to date information regarding your new vehicle purchase can be obtained from a member of the FG Cars team.

We advise that necessary precautions are taken in order to check that the specification, appearance and dimensions of your potential purchase match your requirements.

A test drive of the vehicle is highly recommended and we suggest that any specification queries are taken up with a member of the FG Cars team.

While FG Cars make every effort to ensure the information presented on this website is accurate and up to date, you should be aware that it may include errors or omissions.

It is the purchasers responsibility when buying a used car to satisfy themselves of the presence or absence of any specifications/components/features before sale and thoroughly inspect the vehicle to ensure that they are happy with the condition. FG Cars will be happy to assist this process and present all available information.

Note also that the specifications/components/features etc listed are generic to that vehicle of the type advertised but may not be included in the specific vehicle that is for sale.

Mileage and prices are correct on the first date of advertising but may change thereafter.

Not all vehicles listed on the FG Cars website have a full service history. Please contact a member of the FG Cars team for more information on the specific vehicle.

It is the purchasers reasonability to legally insure and tax the vehicle before purchase. FG Cars take no responsibility for any insurance, tax or any other legal negligence by the purchaser.


All our vehicles come with an in house Engine and Gearbox Warranty at the point of Sale, please ask a member of staff.

Engine: Rocker assembly, valves guides and springs (excluding burnt valves and decokes), cylinder head (including cracks and overheating), push rods, camshaft and cam followers, timing gears, timing chains/belts and tensioners, oil pump, pistons and rings, cylinder bores, gudgeon pins, con rods and crankshaft.

Manual Gearbox: Gears, shafts, synchromesh hubs, selectors, bearings, overdrive units (when fitted), solenoid (excluding gear cables, linkages, electronic actuators).

Automatic gearbox: Gears, oil pump, shafts, clutches, brake bands, bearings, governors, servos, torque converter, drive plate, valve block and modulator valve.

Alternative warranties, subject to vehicle age and milage, may be available for your vehicle. Please contact a member of the FG Cars team.

The Vehicle must be reported to FG Cars within 24 hours of any failure becoming apparent.

The Warranty is non refundable or exchangeable for monetary value.

All customers of FG Cars Ltd confirm that they are buying the vehicle at the priced stated and confirm that they are over 18 years of age.

As a customer of FG Cars Ltd it is the customer’s responsibility to return the vehicle to F G Cars Ltd in the event that a statutory repair is needed.

The customer will be responsible at their own expense for:

Promptly repairing any damage to your vehicle whether caused by accident, misuse, neglect or otherwise.

Any repairs and maintenance due to fitting of parts and accessories to your vehicle at your request or by you, which changes the standard specification of the vehicle.

Regular checks of your vehicle at the standard frequencies governed by law (MOT).

Warranty Exclusions:

Exclusions: Chassis, bodywork, interior and exterior trim, locks, catches, latches, glass, panoramic sunroof, fabric roofs, tyres, batteries (including hybrid batteries), exhaust systems, exhaust manifold, diesel particulate filters, catalytic converters, glow plugs, fuel tanks, brake and clutch friction material, wiring looms, road wheels, clearing of fuel lines, water ingress, oil seals and gaskets (except head gasket due to overheating(, satellite navigation, in-car entertainment, heads-up displays, tracker systems, carbon build up, core plugs, seized brake calipers and all service items, heater elements, centralised locking pumps, tow bars and towing electrics, car telephone, air bags, sensors, keys, key cards, remote fobs, all light units, bulbs including gas filled, LED’s, Xenon starter units, air conditioning recharging, anti-freeze, lubricants, filters, external oil or fluid leaks, hoses and pipes, hardware e.g. bolts and fixings, pulleys/dampers, serviceable and ancillary items.

Failures caused by accidental damage, misuse or neglect.

Any vehicle that is modified and/or used for racing or rallying.

Vehicles used for short-term rentals, emergency service vehicles, and vehicles used for daily hire or taxi services.

Claims during any period in which the Vehicle is in the possession of any person operating the business of vehicle trader for the purposes of resale.

Any loss, damage or failure which occurs when the Vehicle is not in a Relevant Country.

Any vehicle where, in our view, the odometer fitted to the vehicle appears to have been tampered with in any way.

Parts not covered:

Standard Service Parts: Air cleaners, pollen/odour filters (where applicable), fuel filters, oil filters and gaskets, spark plugs, fluids and engine oils.

Normal Wear and Tear Parts: Ancillary drive belts, batteries, brake friction material (including discs), bulbs, clutch facings, exhaust pipes and silencers, additive DPFs, fuses, lamps, shock absorbers and MacPherson struts, tyres, wiper blades, checks and adjustments.

Trim and Bodywork: Interior trims, glass, seat covers and pads, frames, springs, headrests and tilt cables, bumpers, mouldings,


Vehicles, subject to a test drive and/or inspection by the purchaser, may be reserved for up to 48 hours. The cost of reservation is £200.00. This payment should be made in full via the phone or in person, we do not accept credit cards or cheques.

This payment will be refunded after the purchase of the reserved vehicle only is complete.

After the duration of 48 hours, without completion of the full purchase, from initial reservation the car will become open again to other customers and the payment will not be refunded.

Please contact a member of the FG Cars team with any questions regarding vehicle reservation.

FG Cars reserves the right to make a reasonable daily charge for the storage of the customer’s vehicle or vehicles.


Excluding specific vehicles, vehicles purchased through FG Cars are available for delivery subject to delivery location.

Please contact a member of the FG Cars team to discuss delivery options and associated costs.

Purchasers are responsible for sourcing, through a third party, and paying, in full, the cost of delivery back to the FG Cars (Clarence Street, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 1DY) if a refund is required for the vehicle.

Part Exchange

Where the FG Cars agrees to allow part of the price of a vehicle to be discharged by the customer delivering a used vehicle in part exchange to FG Cars, in consideration of such allowance, it is hereby agreed that the customer warrants and undertakes to FG Cars that:

The vehicle in question is free from hire purchase or conditional sale agreements, charges or other encumbrances, legal or otherwise

The payment required to release a part exchanged vehicle absolutely from any existing hire purchase agreement, conditional sale agreement or other encumbrance is the amount which you have stipulated to us.

That your vehicle when delivered to us will be in the same condition as it was when we examined it before agreeing to purchase it from you – with consideration of fair wear and tear and minor mileage changes.

That the vehicle has not sustained any serious accident damage and that it will result in a clear search at H.P.I.

In return for your delivering up your vehicle to us, on the basis that the warranties mentioned in the preceding clause of these terms and conditions are true we undertake and agree:

To pay to you the purchase price for your vehicle agreed in negotiations between us on the basis that you or your chosen finance company will pay to us the agreed price of the vehicle which we are selling to you.


Any correspondence regarding this notice should be addressed to: FG Cars, Clarence Street, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 1DY